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Dental Implants dental implants

Dental implants are often the ideal treatment of choice when a tooth has been lost or when a denture needs increased retention and stability. Because of its similarity to a tooth, both in root and crown form, the implant provides an unparalleled restoration in predictability and longevity. Attached to a denture, the ability to chew food is raised by a factor of four. However, because the success rate (95-98%) of dental implants depends on their integration with the jaw (osseointegration), there are specific parameters for the volume of bone required to place an implant. If there is not sufficient native bone, then bone grafting procedures to increase the bone volume may be indicated.

Both Drs. Creasey and Dr. Pfaffinger restore dental implants and will work in conjunction with an oral surgeon to determine the appropriateness of implant therapy if special radiography (x-rays) or surgical procedures are required.

Dr. Pfaffinger also places Zimmer brand dental implants and performs most of the bone grafting procedures required. His particular interest is in immediate implant placement following tooth loss, shortening the healing period required for implants from 9 to 12 months to 3 to 4 months.

Please call for a consultation with Dr. Pfaffinger to learn more.